Broadcasting MegaFon


The service is offered to subscribers of all tariff plans

The service “Broadcasting” (Cell Broadcast) can receive information messages transmitted on the network “MegaFon-North Caucasus”

So far, the service works in a way that the real-time display of your mobile phone broadcast messages broadcast on the name of region / city where you are. Your location is determined by the anchor, serving your base station.

The latter means that if you are in the service area base station located in the city of Krasnodar, and in fact are outside, then on your screen will display the inscription “Krasnodar”.

In the event that you are in a service area base station supports EDGE technology, but after the name region / city, on the display of your mobile phone appears “EDGE”.

Example inscription:

Krasnodar / EDGE


Emissão Difusão Celular / Cell Broadcast em testes no decorrer de uma feira:


Emissão de Difusão Celular / Cell Broadcast já a nível comercial (após fase de testes):

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