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Why do I see suburb/town names on my phone?

This is Cell Broadcast – a free service that allows information to be sent from a base station to all mobile phones that are located within the range of that base station. The information displayed on your Optus Mobile handset is usually the name of the suburb you are in or a well-known landmark in the area, but look out for changes in the Cell Broadcast when you go to special events.

Most GSM phones have the ability to receive Cell Broadcast. To find out if your handset has this function, please refer to your user guide. If your handset requires a channel number, please use 050.

As the phone is receiving additional information from surrounding base stations, it may use more battery power when Cell Broadcast is activated. This could result in reduced standby times for your handset.

Cell Broadcast

Most GSM handsets have the ability to display a cell broadcast message. Normally, this will indicate the base station the handset is currently connected to. From time to time, Optus changes this display at Special Events or on Special Occasions. It’s all for a bit of a fun – keep your eyes peeled!


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