Celltick Appointed by Vodafone Essar to Manage Interactive Mobile Media Marketing Service

Partnership to allow Celltick to drive content and programming for FLASH! across 1.7 million subscribers
Celltick, pioneer of active mobile marketing solutions has been appointed by Vodafone Essar to manage its FLASH! service in India. In a revenue sharing agreement, Celltick will be responsible for raising revenues of the service by managing all aspects of the FLASH! platform across India including editorial content, programming and content alliances.

The service, FLASH!, which is powered by Celltick’s LiveScreenTM Media, was launched in 2003 and has already proven to be highly successful, with a few hundred thousand users clicking through to revenue-generating content each month.

Using cell broadcast technology, LiveScreenTM Media streams non-intrusive interactive “teaser” messages simultaneously to millions of mobile idle-screens. This transforms the mobile phone into a personal billboard for content, and also serves as a platform for marketing campaigns. FLASH! uses this platform to bring relevant content such as news, sports results and games to subscribers, catching their attention. The key lies in the simplicity of the service; all the user needs to do is click twice to access additional relevant content.

Celltick’s managed service team will use their global expertise to refine the targeting and content used in FLASH! to contribute directly to raising revenues for the service. The team’s core competency is utilising LiveScreenTM Media to build a relevant, high quality user experience. As part of this process, a new localisation strategy will be introduced to acquire and market additional targeted content to users. In the second phase, the team expects to focus more on mobile advertising, using the service as a mass reach marketing platform for carefully selected campaigns.

Mr. Harit Nagpal, Director-Marketing and New Business, Vodafone Essar said, “We now want to take this partnership with Celltick to the next level, by partnering with them not just for the technology, but also for managing programming of the service. We are confident that the Celltick team’s knowledge and skills in technology and media will help increase revenues of the service.”

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick said, “Celltick’s managed service will help keep Vodafone Essar’s service at the forefront of innovation and mobile marketing. The team at Celltick has the expertise to deliver tailored, local content, allowing Vodafone to reap the benefits of additional revenue through an enhanced user experience. The end-to-end service that our managed service team provides is first class in delivering results.”

Celltick’s LiveScreenTM Media is used by over 20 mobile network operators worldwide, and has over 35 million active users.


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