Celltick’s Cell Broadcast Centre key to implement new FCC regulations for nationwide Public Warning Service (PWS) rollout

Celltick today confirmed that its proven Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC) solution is ideally positioned to support operators looking to implement the new commercial mobile alerting services recommended by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) is a new nationwide warning system that utilizes cell phone messaging to alert the public of emergencies. The system is recommended by the FCC due to the increased reliance on mobile communications in times of emergency. The FCC has been working with the carriers as part of the Commercial Service Alert Advisory Committee (CMSAAC) for coming up with the technical requirements for CMAS. By use of open standards-based cell broadcast technology, operators can relay emergency alerts to their subscribers.

Celltick’s robust Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) solution supports the CMAS by ensuring mass distribution of messages with minimal network load, scalable to limitless amounts of subscribers, with an overload-proof system to ensure reliability. It also enables location specific messaging, allowing different messages to be sent to different areas according to the situation’s requirements. Celltick’s CBC has already been successfully utilised during emergencies in the Asian Tsunamis and in Terrorist events in South Asia.

Uniquely, Celltick provides a return-on-investment advantage for operators implementing emergency systems, through its revenue-generating LiveScreen™ Media service. Celltick’s LiveScreen™ Media easily integrates with the cell broadcast solution, allowing operators to generate revenue from mobile phone idle screen advertising and marketing, whilst still being able to broadcast public warnings when required. LiveScreen Media is a managed service that broadcasts targeted mobile content and advertising to millions of mobile phones in more than 25 countries. Using patented technology, LiveScreen transforms the idle screen into an interactive, personalized, location-sensitive media channel.

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, comments: “During emergencies, people are increasingly relying on wireless telecommunications services and devices to receive critical, time-sensitive information. We have an industry leading mechanism to distribute large-scale information, quickly and securely, when people need it most. We are proud that our cell broadcast technology which is already in use worldwide to provide commercial and emergency services can support the FCC’s goal of distributing emergency information as quickly as possible to the people who need to receive it.”


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