Eurotel Cell broadcast brings free geographical information

Now all Eurotel customers can easily and free of charge find out where they are at the moment

All Eurotel Praha customers can use geographical information on their mobile phones displays – Eurotel Cell Broadcast.

If a customer using Eurotel network arrives in one of more than 90 places in CR, easily and for free finds out where he or she is at that very moment. Their mobile phone display will show, thanks to the Eurotel Cell Broadcast, the name of the city or town visited. Prague’s MHD passengers will get also information on the mobile phone display about the metro station and the line in 51 stations.

“Our customers could have tried a pilot project of our Eurotel Cell Broadcast during this year’s Invex, when during traveling on the D1 freeway they could see an Invex notice and directly at the Brno exhibition grounds an invitation to our exhibition stand,” says Paul Long, Eurotel Strategy and Development Director. “New geographical information will be appreciated mainly by foreign visitors using our network in roaming, and all local Eurotel customers during their travels around CR. The main benefit of the new service is its simplicity and that it is free,” he adds.

Every customer can easily activate and deactivate the Eurotel Cell Broadcast by a simple adjustment of a mobile phone menu. Information pictured directly on a mobile phone display is sent by base stations and can differ in individual cells. Whenever the mobile phone checks in a new cell during a travel, the customer will get notified on the display, where s/he is right at that moment.

Because of the high concentration of base stations and cell overlapping in large cities like Prague, Brno or Ostrava, mainly local geographical names, for example Prague Castle, will be used as the information about location. In this way customers will get more correct information about their location and it will also prevent inaccuracies that could arise for example in naming of local city districts.

“Thanks to the extensive network of the so called indoor coverage inside buildings we will in the future also offers information and special greetings in hotels, large companies or shopping centers,” closes Paul Long.

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