France’s SFR Trials Cell Broadcast Service

Swapcom and Oracle have announced the completion of the first phase of Cell Broadcast Trials for SFR — an initiative designed to deliver location based information to SFR’s mobile subscribers. The trial will test the use of Cell Broadcast technology for sending SMS-like messages in targeted areas through dedicated broadcast channels. The trial will be analyzed to modify and further develop operating rules and business practices for use of broader, multi-content messages on SFR’s network.

“Oracle’s participation in this trial illustrates our commitment to providing leading-edge mobile application technology solutions to our customers,” said Allyson Fryhoff, vice president, Oracle Mobile Products. “Working with the Swapcom CB Connect solution, Oracle is able to provide both content providers and mobile operators with the necessary flexibility to deploy value added services to mobile subscribers in real-time.”

Under today’s SMS services, subscribers wishing to receive time critical information — such as stock alerts, emergency info and sport information — depend on the Mobile Operator’s SMS capacity and therefore delays occur. Cell Broadcast solves many issues of mass delivery of popular or location based information. Cell Broadcast also provides Mobile Operators with the means to attract subscribers to existing Voice and WAP applications thus increasing ARPU. This trial program will be instrumental in the deployment of such services in France.'”

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