French Network to Use Cell Broadcast for Localised Information

NMS Communications says that it is providing its NMS HearSay voice services system to France’s SFR to provide real-time, detailed Tour de France updates through cell broadcast messages. SFR will roll out other location-based services such as local sports, weather, festivals, and news during the three-month trial. The complete and open NMS HearSay solution for SFR includes text-to-speech technology, integration support and messaging connectivity from application developer Swapcom, and server technology from Oracle.

The NMS HearSay system enables SFR to provide voice content for cell broadcast messages for the Tour de France race in July. Subscribers can receive brief cell broadcast text updates with a phone number to call to hear more detailed event information. For SFR, this means increased revenue per subscriber.

Cell broadcast is a mobile capability available within a GSM network that allows messages to be simultaneously broadcasted to mobile phones and other devices within a designated geographical area. Cell broadcast messages can only convey a limited amount of information, but a voice-access service such as that made possible by NMS HearSay enables the subscriber to obtain more detailed information.'”

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