The Cell Broadcast is the technology that enables an operator to broadcast a text information to the coverage area of an arbitrarily selected set of base stations. The technology makes it possible to separate information depending on domain subject and develop different channels to provide the simultaneous and independent messages broadcasting. The message is broadcasted at the preset time periods and may be received by any subscriber in the indicated region, if the subscriber has activated the corresponding CB channel on the mobile handset. By these reasons Cell Broadcast seems to resemble the information sources quite popular with modern consumers, such as radio and teletext.

The Cell Broadcast significant advantages over traditional transport systems are:

1. Geographical (territorial) broadcasting localization to the accuracy of the Cell ID: the message may be delivered to subscriber in the given region.

2. High-speed message delivery level: interaction with subscribers is maintained in the mode close to real-time operation mode.

3. Low-level broadcasting resource consumption for an operator: signal channels are not utilized, thus SMS centre load diminishes.

4. Domain subject channels development: the subscriber, who tunes the mobile to a specific channel, receives exactly the messages on the topic of their choice only, e.g. weather forecasts, or traffic jams reports.

5. Inexpensive contact with the subscriber: a content provider and an advertiser get an opportunity to offer their services using both inexpensive and efficient medium.

Interactive Cell Broadcast (ICB) has all the exceptional advantages of Cell Broadcast, yet at the same time is free of its major drawbacks — feedback absence and complicated cellular terminal setting. Nowadays ICB is taking the new efficient media resource, attractive for all of the members of mobile content market as well as advertising market.

i-Cell® (Interactive Cell Broadcast Centre) is designed to create, deliver and promote interactive services.

ICB key features:

Efficient usage of operator network resources for the bulk delivery of online massages to subscribers:

* Point-to-Area broadcasting technology
* Broadcasting termination and resumption depending on the operators’ networking resources load

ICB advantages:

* Messages broadcasting to the accuracy of a BTS sector: rising the probability of subscriber’s request in response to the online message, stipulated by the delivery of up-to-date content in the right place and at the right time
* Media-planning function support for messages delivery to subscribers:

* Schedule similar to TV or radio schedule
* Anycalendarplanninghorizon


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