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Discover information services to LiveInfo


– Name Service LiveInfo

– How to read: future-vo-in-pho

– LiveInfo a service providing information to customers under a new transmission, very convenient and do not complain customers. Unlike other utility services with pre-installed on the Super SIM, news services by providing LiveInfo will automatically appear on the screen of the phone customers when machines are in the spare. Customers can now read free news headlines as a news item when the information appears on the screen phone, if customers can not read the headlines or not download the information and content they deliver the information will dynamic disappear in a few seconds (the message type Flash SMS).

– When service is activated, will continuously be sent to your phone with the customer’s frequency is 5 minutes / from 7h30 to 23h every day, every news sent repeated a maximum of 3 times in one day (tin appear only on the phone when the machine is in full will spare so as not to affect the different needs of customers such as call / receive calls, send / receive messages).


2.1 Cài đặt dịch vụ LiveInfo: 2.1 Installation services LiveInfo:

– Use SIM has a built-service LiveInfo (with icons printed on the face LiveInfo sim).

– Or access to download the software services LiveInfo on the phone (only available for machines used Symbian operating system).

– To download the applications you compose a message sent to Liveinfo 994.

2.2 How to use:

– Activate the service:
+ Service LiveInfo automatically activated after entering the network SIM LiveInfo MobiFone or when software services LiveInfo be installed on phones with Symbian operating system.

+ Alternatively, customers can actively open / shut down the service by accessing the following menu:

Menu – LiveInfo – Activation – Mo Services


Menu – Super SIM – Tat Services

– View information about referral services: Access menu follows:

Menu – Information

– Select topics that customers are interested and would like to receive information:

+ 8 subject to customer choice is a game, news, sports, Tu van, Goc cuoi, Business, Music, Entertainment.

+ Subject accompanied by any sign “+” that is, customers are receiving the information under theme, accompanied by a “-” that is, is not receiving information under this topic.

+ To change needs want to receive or do not wish to receive information under each topic, click and select topics Bat topic / theme Tat.

The message detailed text that the customer has read will be automatically saved to: Menu – Super SIM – Tin label hosting – Tin leather label

This item is saved maximum of 5 new reading nearest depending on the length of the machine and telephone.

Customers can review the content of news readers have been saved in this category by accessing the menu: Menu – Super SIM – LiveInfo – Tin-Tin label hosting leather label – View content

reduce or remove items have been saved by accessing the menu: Menu – Super SIM – LiveInfo – Tin label hosting – Tin leather label – Delete

– Store your favorite message: The message customer favorite, customers can save actively to: Menu – Super SIM – LiveInfo – Tin label hosting – Tin saved. However, now it is not perfect Charity, still continue to research, develop further.

– Required / OFF a tone when there is a message sent to your phone: Customers can select On / Off tone is bip when there is news from the service LiveInfo sent to the phone menu by going to:

– Super SIM – How Am – Bat tone / tone Tat

– How to download detailed information and content relevant when there is news headlines from service LiveInfo sent to phones of customers:

A news headline is a news item automatically appears on the screen when the phone machine in the spare.

Step 2: Customers press Select / OK on the phone screen to see more.

Step 3: Monitor will display a menu to choose: See news / Detail / Tai pictures / Tai music / See related news, …

Step 4: Customers press Select / Select to make choices according to customers’ demands.

Step 5: The system will send LiveInfo of State or other details have been sending newsletters or path load images, ring tones, … depending on the customer’s requirements.


– Activate / OFF service, change the subject: Free Plans

– Save / Delete the message read, On / Off tone: toll-free

– Cuoc content text: 454 dong / time (not including VAT)

500 VND / times (incl VAT)

– Cuoc content form other: the 1818 / times (not including VAT)

. (âm bar, photos, …) 2,000 dong / time (incl VAT).

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