Mobile Advertising

This is a great opportunity to deliver your advertising message, banner or interactive message to the mobile screen. Thanks to the new Interactive Cell Broadcast technology, now users are able to create interactive mobile advertising messages. ICB technology enables you to broadcast advertise messages with the accuracy of a separate cell sector of network coverage, making it possible for advertiser to cover precisely the targeted audience. Moreover, it allows one to broadcast advertising messages through the subject channels, which cuts down the amount of spam messages, and mobile subscriber gets the desired message.


Currently there are more than 8,000,000 consumers in Russia ready to receive adverts on their mobiles.

Mobile advertising offers such advantages as:

* Guarantied contact — every channel subscriber gets an advertising message
* Every banner displayed can include interactive items: mini-questionnaire, a link to the WAP site, a phone call from manager, mobile coupons and other
* The targeted distribution opportunity (area, time, event etc.)
* The absence of client’s negative attitude to advertisements — consumer looks through them only at his or her own request
* No legislative restrictions for the communication channel


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