Oberthur Technologies launches Mobile Advertising Solutions In partnership with CelltickOberthur Technologies launches Mobile Advertising Solutions In partnership with Celltick

Oberthur Technologies, one of the world’s leading providers of card-based solutions, launched today Mobile Advertising Solutions in partnership with Celltick Technologies, the pioneers of interactive mobile media on the idle-screen. Oberthur Technologies will integrate Celltick’s SIM based LiveScreen Media platform into its portfolio including Native (POP by Oberthur Technologies) and Open-Java platforms (JAZZ by Oberthur Technologies) enabling an embedded innovative advertising application, an enhanced graphical user interface and offering a faster and more efficient time to market. Through this launch, Oberthur Technologies will provide smart and innovative applications for SIM and (U)SIM and strengthen its Applications portfolio offer.

Olivier Leroux, Vice President, Mobile product line at Oberthur Technologies, said, “We believe that mobile advertising solutions will empower SIM cards with new and innovative applications to deliver services that will increase mobile network operator’s revenues. The future of mobile marketing/advertising is predicted to grow to $12 billion by 2011 and we are pleased that we are able to provide our mobile network operators with the solution that will enable them to be part of this predicted growth and explore new growth opportunities”.

LiveScreen® Media is the world’s leading idle screen mobile marketing solution. A field-proven managed service comprised of a delivery platform, rich content and brand advertising, LiveScreen Media transforms the idle screen into an interactive, personalized media channel. The service will help operators increase their ARPU by promoting content and services, and allow the generation of additional revenue streams from advertisers seeking a compelling mobile marketing solution. Millions of cards have already been delivered to key customers in Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America.

Stephen Dunford, CEO Celltick said: “We have been working with Oberthur for a number of years to develop an innovative approach to SIM services, and are delighted to be expanding our partnership. By having our client already embedded on the millions of SIM cards Oberthur ships each year, our customer operators can easily begin using LiveScreen Media as soon as they turn the service on. It is a great way to expand on our current reach capacity of 200 million and bring mobile advertising to critical mass.”


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