Orange launches cell broadcast of location in Mumbai

Orange is offering cell broadcast to its subscribers in Mumbai. In the first phase, Orange has launched a cell broadcast service that tells subscribers their approximate/nearest geographical location area on their handset screens. The subscriber’s location will be updated automatically as he/ she moves from one part of the city to another.

For e.g. If a subscriber is in Worli his handset screen will display the same and he/she moves on to another area, the broadcast message changes to the corresponding area. As he/she travels in the city it would pick up the signals and display the relevant location on the Orange phone.

This cell-broadcast service is based on the wireless signals from the Orange cell-site nearest to the user. This is an intelligent aspect of the Orange cellular network, which automatically displays the geographical location of the user (based on the cellsite closest to him/her) on the user’s handset.

The service is available on almost all handsets in the market today that have the ‘Cell Info display’ facility. The service is absolutely free of cost with no requirement of change of SIM card etc. It is available to all Orange Mumbai subscribers from 6th June 2003 onwards.

To enable the display of location if not already displayed, a subscriber needs to follow the following steps on the handset:

Settings for some commonly available handsets are as follows-

Nokia – Cell Info Service (Menu – Settings – Phone Settings – Cell Info – ON]
Ericsson – Area Info (Settings/Message settings)
Motorola – Settings – Cell info/cell broadcast
Philips – SMS – SMS broadcast
Sony Ericsson – Messages – Area – Cell Information – ON
Samsung SGS Series – Text Messages – Cell Broadcast – Enable/ON

The Channel no. if asked for in same handsets ( Ex:- Motorola d628, Samsung SGS series) needs to be set to 050. In most of the handsets the settings are available by default.


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