Sagem Orga launches new native client for Celltick’s LiveScreen™ Media application

Global deal makes mobile marketing application available on low-cost SIM cards

Smart card expert Sagem Orga today becomes the first company to launch a native client for Celltick’s LiveScreen™ Media application. Developed in cooperation with Celltick’s in-house team, the new client allows Sagem Orga to provide the LiveScreen™ Media client on low-cost SIM cards to both pre- and post-paid mobile users.

The SIM cards are available since late August to customers in India, South America, China, Eastern Europe and South Africa, on both 32k and 16k SIM cards. These SIM cards will allow operators to promote both their own services and brand products in a cost-effective and targeted way.

Sagem Orga’s new native client is based on the latest version of the LiveScreen™ Media application, the carousel client. The carousel client constantly presents content messages to the user’s idle screen in a carousel form. When there is an incoming call or the user wants to use the phone, the client is automatically halted and the handset reverts to standard operation.
The carousel client offers an improved user experience, allowing users to browse from a selection of approximately ten content messages at all times. It also offers advanced segmentation and a better click-through rate than the previous version.

Didier Sérodon, CTO of Sagem Orga, comments: “The native client has enabled us to lower SIM card production costs by installing the latest LiveScreen™ Media application on a wider range of SIM cards. The smaller memory space means that we can apply the application to smaller SIM cards and, as a result, can reach a wider audience and distribute the client in a wider range of territories than we would otherwise have been able.”

Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, adds: “The creation of the Sagem Orga native client means that we will not only be able to improve the experience for our end users but also ensure that we are providing a better offering to operators, who now have the flexibility to install the LiveScreen™ Media application on lower cost SIM cards rather than the more expensive 60k or 120k cards. We look forward to rolling out similar clients with our other SIM card partners.”


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