Zero77 Live – Dialog

Get instant updates on your mobile. Trivia, jokes, hot news, riddles, business snippets, music & movie grabs and much more!

All you need to do is get your SIM card upgraded to a MaxSIM by visiting the nearest Dialog Customer Service Centre


Stay informed of latest news, events and much more

Get to know about the hottest offers in town

Take part in fun competitions and win prizes

Setuping up of Zero77 Live

Follow the below instructions to activate the service

Setting up Zero77 Live

Step 1 Select ‘Dialog Services’ on your phone menu

Step 2 Select ‘Zer077Live’ followed by ‘Activations’ then ‘Activate’

Step 3 Choose ‘Update Handset’ on your Zer077Live menu


Rs. 2/- per standard click
Rs. 5/- per premium click

Note: Applicable taxes to be added


Phone and SIM compatibility required


1. Where can I find Zer077Live in my phone menu?

Zer077Live is listed within ‘Dialog Services’ in your phone menu. However, the location of Dialog Services within your phone menu will differ based on your handset.

2. What happens once you activate Zer077 LIVE?

The moment you activate, flashing messages start appearing on your handset screen. These may be news updates, cricket scores, stock indices, games, movie reviews and lots more, exclusively for Zer077Live users. You can then decide from the menu offered what to do next. Just select ‘OK’ to proceed further, and if you don’t, the message simply passes by.

3. Do I get charged for the broadcasted messages?

You do not get charged for the messages that appear on your screen. However, once you enter a message and click on ‘Options’ to move further, you are charged with the applicable click rate.

4. Would the Zer077Live menu vary based on my handset and SIM?

Yes. Some handsets and SIMs will have more or different options offered on the Zer077Live menu compared to the rest.

5. If I choose to upgrade my SIM card, what happens to the data on my old SIM card?

When we replace your SIM card, we will transfer the phonebook memory and SMS from your old SIM on to the new MaxSIM card. So all your data remains on your phone

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