Cell Broadcast EMT

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Cell Broadcast Message

Cell Broadcast Message is an addition to the GSM Short Message service enabling an operator to send a maximum 11-digit messages to all GSM phones located in the area of a given support station.

The cell broadcast message is designed for transferring operator and commercial information. These messages are not saved on the SIM-card.

EMT customers can see the name of the current support station area and receive special information messages on the screen of their mobile.

Why is Cell Broadcast Message useful?

This is a free service showing your general location.

The list of support station areas and their names is available here: (link edge kärgede loetelule).

Conditions for Reception of Cell Broadcast Message

* The service does not have to be ordered separately
* The phone must support Cell Broadcast Messages
* The reception of Cell Broadcast Messages has to be activated in the menu – some phones have a menu option where a cell broadcast service code 050 has to be inserted.
* Service is available in EMT GSM network, it doesn’t work in 3G network.


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