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Cell Broadcast

Introducing Cell Broadcast

Cell Broadcast allows you display the location of the base tower your mobile phone is currently communicating through.

Features and Benefits

Cell Broadcast is network feature that allows mobile phones to show the location of the base station (cell/tower) they are currently using.

* Use your mobile phone to work out your general location – helpful if you’re lost!

* See which base station your mobile phone is communicating with.

Activating this Service

Cell Broadcast is automatically activated, free of charge, when you activate your mobile service.

Using this Service

Cell Broadcast information is shown on the screen of your mobile phone when switched on. Cell Broadcast information will be displayed when:

* Your mobile phone is located within the cell (base station area) from which the transmission is being broadcast.

* You have a mobile phone that supports Cell Broadcast and this feature is switched on (in your mobile phone settings).

o If your mobile phone requires a channel number programmed into the handset please use 050.

* Your mobile phone is turned on and is in standby mode (not on in use).

Costs of Using this Service

Cell Broadcast is provided to customers free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Cell Broadcast service. For assistance, please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website, or call our Customer Care number.

Why does my mobile phone show a Cell Broadcast location one minute, and then change to another?

* Some cells overlap, especially cells in urban areas and when one cell’s call traffic gets busy, your mobile phone may move to another cell within range that is not as busy.

Why doesn’t my mobile phone show the Cell Broadcast?

* Are you in an Optus Network coverage area? If not, you will not be linked to a cell at all and cell information will not show.

* Some mobile phones do not display Cell Broadcast as a default setting and you will need to manually change your mobile phone settings. Please consult your mobile phone user manual for specific instructions on how to turn Cell Broadcast on.


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