Connex offers its clients location based services

Connex introduces Busola Connex, a new innovative service and another Connex first for the Romanian market.

Effective today, Connex introduces Busola Connex, a new innovative service and another Connex first for the Romanian market. “Busola Connex is the first location based service launched in Romania and is offered exclusively to Connex users. With this set of services, our clients, at their option, will be able to be posted by written messages with information about their location, as well as about various promotions offered by suppliers of services situated in their neighbourhood. Busola Connex joins innovative value added and leading technology in the service of our clients. It represents a first step in implementing the Location Based Services on the Romanian telecommunications market”, said Mr. Michael Foley, Marketing Vice President, Connex. With Busola Connex our clients will benefit from the following services: – Info Zona – enables the client to receive by SMS information about the area where the client is located. For example, if a client is in Bucharest, at the Universitatii Square, the phone will display “Universitate”. In the case of smaller towns, only the name of the town will be displayed on the phone screen (ex: “Mangalia”); – Info Promo – the clients receive promotional messages on the mobile phone when they are close to certain companies’ venues. For the beginning, this service will offer information on promotions from Raiffeisen Bank and McDonald’s. In order to be able to use Busola Connex, all the clients have to do is activate the service in the phone’s menu. The services launched today are based on Cell Broadcast technology and they are offered free of charge to all Connex clients. As part of its Infotainment services strategy and based on this and other new technologies, Connex will continue to expand the variety of location based services for its clients allowing them to require information on interest points in their neighbourhood. Connex leads the mobile communications market in Romania with 3,457,000 customers, as of December 31, 2003. Connex is a trademark of MobiFon S.A., a subsidiary of Telesystem International Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ:TIWI; TSX: TIW). Connex’s major shareholders are Telesystem International Wireless (TIW), Canada, and Vodafone, UK.


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