Dialog Discount Zones – a First in Sri Lanka’s Mobile Sector

Dialog Discount Zones – a First in Sri Lanka’s Mobile Sector

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Sri Lanka’s flagship mobile telecommunications service provider, Dialog Mobile, unveiled yet another ground-breaking first for its prepaid customers with ‘Dialog Discount Zones’. This is the first-ever location and time based discount scheme made available to Sri Lankan mobile users.

Dialog’s Discount Zones provide customers with ‘dynamic discounts and pricing’ based on the location of the customer and the time of day. Discount Zones will be made available to all Dialog’s prepaid customers – enabling millions of Sri Lankans to avail themselves of the spot offerings which will be created and offered to consumers on a dynamic basis.

Dialog Discount Zones will be assigned on a dynamic and random basis from across Dialog’s extensive coverage across all 25 districts of the country. Customers within the Discount Zone at the time of offer will be notified of available offers. Dialog Discount Zones feature 50 to 70 per cent reductions on outgoing calls and SMS within the Dialog network. Attractive discounts are also on offer for IDD calls.

Dialog’s prepaid customers who enter a discount zone will receive notification of prevailing offers via a Cell Broadcast message on the mobile screen or via the Zero77Live service for which any subscriber could register at no cost.

Supun Weerasinghe, CEO of Dialog Mobile, introducing the service said: “Dialog’s Discount Zone offering is set to add an all-new dimension to the mobile usage experience enjoyed by millions of Dialog prepaid customers. Dialog customers will enjoy fantastic savings combined with the all new excitement of interactive participation in the company’s latest rewards and discounting programme which is a first in Sri Lanka’s mobile sector.”

Discounts offered to customers within a Discount Zone will be available for an hour from the time of acceptance by the customer. Rates will revert to the customer’s standard package following the expiration of this time period. The expiration of the offer will be communicated to the customer via SMS notification. Registering for this service is as simple as accepting the notification message from the recipient’s mobile phone for messages generated via Zero77 Live. In the instance a customer receives the surprise discount offer in the form of a cell broadcast message; then he or she would need to dial #677# to avail of the discount. Customers could activate Zero77 Live service by selecting Zero77 Live Activation option from the list of Dialog Services included in the SIM menu.


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