Disaster and Emergency Warning Network

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Disaster and Emergency Warning Network
The DEWN is an innovation based on widely available mobile communications technologies such as short messages (SMS) and cell broadcast (CB), aimed at rendering a cost effective and reliable mass alert system. The network connects mobile subscribers, police stations, identified religious/social community centres and even the general public to a national emergency alarming centre.

A responsible authority would generate an alarm message from the alarming centre, which would be received by mobile phones as well as specialized alarm devices. The message could be selectively sent based on area, to identified individual/group of receivers, or to the general public as decided by the authority generating the message.

Messages can be received by either a mobile phone or a special-purpose wireless alerting device. Cell phones may receive the message in any of the three languages. The wireless alerting device shown responds to warning messages by either emitting an audible alarm and a flashing light or by turning on a radio. The device may be installed at central locations such as police stations and community centres and even domestically. Emergency alarms would be relayed in seconds to these end-devices through the DEWN.
Dialog-UoM Mobile Communications Research Laboratory developed the special-purpose wireless alarm (DEWN alarm device) for this project.

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Alarm Device

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