Safaricom Launches Dynamic Discount Super Ongea Tariff

Safaricom has launched another first: a tariff that allows its subscribers to enjoy discounts based on time of calling and location. Branded Supa Ongea, the tariff is backed by a technology called Dynamic Discounting Service (DDS), and presents another ground-breaking innovation from Safaricom.

“This great invention will give our prepay customers real value for money through exciting discounts in these tough economic times when everyone is looking for authentic bargains,” said Michael Joseph, Safaricom Chief Executive Officer.

The revolutionary tariff, the first of its kind in Kenya, gives subscribers various discounts on the go, depending on their location and the time of calling.

With the tagline ‘the tariff where price moves,’ the new tariff presents a huge enhancement on the current Ongea tariff. Subscribers will pay amounts ranging from as low as 80 cents to KES8 according to their location and the timing of their calls, based on Safaricom’s popular per second billing.

Building on Safaricom’s strategy of dynamically answering its customers’ needs, the new service is expected to make the subscriber have a real, value added experience and hence validate the ‘Niko na Safaricom’ experience.

To enjoy the huge discounts, subscribers will need to migrate to the tariff at no cost by dialing *212*5#. Customers will get free information on available discounts at their present location and time either through the Cell Broadcast Service (CBS), a functionality that has already been activated on the network, or by sending a query to *155#. The Cell Broadcast Service is a feature designed for simultaneous delivery of text messages to multiple users in a specified area. Subscribers are able to view the message on their handset screens once the service is activated on the phone.

Mr. Joseph said Safaricom would continue to delight its customers by consistently offering innovative and relevant products and services that meet their changing needs, as the established market leader. “This is a revolutionary product, the first of its kind in the Kenyan market, offering call discounts on a continuous and dynamic model. This is a permanent tariff and not a promotion,” he said.

PostPay subscribers have also started enjoying huge discounts, especially during off-peak hours. All Safaricom PostPay subscribers, individual and corporate, have been automatically migrated to a new discounted tariff, which offers on-net call discounts of up to 85%, off the previous rate of KES7 per minute. They will now be able to call at a low of Ksh1 a minute between midnight and 6am and KES5 between 8pm and midnight. Calls between 6am to 8pm will be charged at KES7 per minute.


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