Safaricom Super Ongea T’s and C’s


1. Acceptance of Terms

The following terms and conditions apply to the Supa Ongea Tariff (“Supa Ongea”) and by migrating to Supa Ongea you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted the same.

2. Description of Supa Ongea

(a) Supa Ongea is a dynamic discounting tariff that will allow you (upon your opting into the Supa Ongea Tariff by dialling *212*5 #), to make discounted Safaricom to Safaricom calls depending on your location.

(Supa Ongea will initially only apply to Safaricom PrePay subscribers.

© Calls will be billed per second.

3. Applicable Call Discounts

(a) Applicable call discounts, as calculated from a maximum base rate of Kshs eight (8/-) or such other rate as may be determined by Safaricom from time to time, will be communicated to you:

(i) direct to your phone via the cell broadcast service (CBS)*- you will therefore need to activate the CBS feature of your mobile handset in order for this information to be displayed; an/or

(ii) upon enquiry by you via USSD by dialling *155# .

* CBS is a handset specific feature and certain handsets do not support this feature. Kindly review your handset settings or manual to confirm if your handset supports this feature. CBS may also not be available in certain 3G coverage areas notwithstanding that the handset is CBS compatible. In circumstances where CBS is not supported or not available then rate enquiry should be effected via USSD.

2. The discount to which you will be entitled will be determined at Safaricom’s sole discretion based upon several considerations including but not limited to the time of day and the cell capacity utilisation of the cell nearest to you.
3. The discount that was assigned to you at the time you initiate a call will apply for the entire duration of the call irrespective of time lapse or distance from the cell location from which the call was originated or the location at which the call is terminated.
4. Due to the possibility of overlapping cells or a change in your cell location the call rate displayed on your phone or communicated upon a USSD enquiry may change at the time of initiating a call. Consequently the call rate applicable to your call duration may be higher or lower than that displayed prior to initiating the call.

4. Excluded Subscribers and Calls

The Supa Ongea Tariff will not apply to the following category of subscribers, calls and services:

1. Simu yaJamii and Advantage Hybrid customers;
2. Premium rate calls, international calls, calls made to other networks, calls made to or from roaming Safaricom subscribers including on Kama Kawaida, call forwarding, data calls or redeemed ‘Bonga’ free minutes;
3. All data services (SMS, MMS and USSD);
4. Such other category of subscriber as may be communicated by Safaricom from time to time

5. General

(a) Current tariff migration rules apply.

(Terms and conditions of the Safaricom PrePay service will continue to apply to the Supa Ongea Tariff as if the same were set out herein.

© Safaricom reserve the right to withdraw the Supa Ongea Tariff generally or from any particular subscriber at any time and to vary or amend these terms and conditions at any time by placing the revised terms and conditions on our website You will be deemed to have been bound by such variation by continuing to use the Service. You should therefore periodically check our website to update yourself on any variations. Safaricom will not be liable to you or any third party for any variation in the terms, suspension or discontinuation of the Supa Ongea Tariff.


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