Skyport And Cellcast Announce Strategic Alliance To Bring Emergency Alert Systems To Cell Phones

SkyPort Global Communications, Inc., a communications carrier operating in 22 states and for the National Guard, announced today a strategic alliance with CellCast Technologies, a company working with local, state and federal government entities, to activate cell broadcast technology to transmit emergency alerts on cell phones during disasters.

The alliance integrates the emergency alert system onto today’s technology of cell phones and other mobile handheld devices. While cell broadcast technology is currently available on most cell phones, it is not being used. Therefore, SkyPort’s infrastructure can function as a carrier for the cell broadcast technology in nearly half of the United States.

“CellCast has the most unique and advanced emergency alert technology that can direct people to safety before a tornado, hurricane or other disasters even those that are manmade hit their specific area,” said Pat Brant, SkyPort president and CEO. “We are proud to join forces with CellCast and bring this technology to serve the public interest.”

With cell broadcast, an emergency manager can deliver geo-specific warnings within 20 seconds to only those citizens in the line of danger. A cell broadcast alert causes the cell phone to ring and a message is displayed on the screen. A cell broadcast alert can be simultaneously delivered to millions of cell phones with the feature enabled, without queuing delays of conventional text messages that are relayed one-by-one.

Paul Klein, CellCast chief operating officer, stated, “SkyPort has built a solid reputation of reliability, and the company will be a superior carrier that American citizens can count on receiving emergency alerts in time to help protect their lives and their families during disasters.”

About CellCast: CellCast Technologies is a privately held company based in Houston. It offers a revolutionary cellular-based emergency broadcast system for national, state and local government entities, and commercial revenue-generating resale programs for non-emergency cell broadcast applications. Visit for more information.

About SkyPort: SkyPort Global Communications, Inc. is a communications carrier providing managed, secure, broadband satellite and terrestrial communication services. Clients rely on its ability to provide end-to-end voice, video and data solutions that are fast and designed to be 99.999 percent reliable. SkyPort was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Houston. With its global network, engineering expertise and owned infrastructure at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base.


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