Talkamo Tariff Plan

Talkamo Tariff Plan

What it is…

Talkamo is the new exciting tariff plan from Zain, which will give you our valued Zain customer an opportunity to determine the tariff at which you make your call.
It is a tariff that will give you a discount for every call that you make on the network, hence giving you the benefit if making more calls for less.
It is a tariff plan that shows you the discounts that you will get on the call that you are about to make at any given time from any location.

Who is it for?

Talkamo tariff plan is meant for Zain prepaid numbers only and not postpaid.
Talkamo can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the tariff plan that you are currently on (Gx,Fr,Fm,Cs,Cm). All you have to do is subscribe to “Talkamo”

How to subscribe

Subscribe to Talkamo via SMS or USSD as follows:
SMS “TK” (not case sensitive) to 956
Or dial *956# and select option 1 “Talkamo” from the menu option of tariff plans you will see on the phone screen.
You will receive an SMS from 956 to confirm that you have successfully been subscribed to Talkamo tariff plan;
Subscribing to Talkamo tariff plan is only K400.
You can unsubscribe from “Talkamo” tariff plan after the first 30 days for FREE.You unsubscribe from Talkamo tariff plan by subscribing to any of the other tariff plans that we have ((Gx,Fr,Fm,Cs,Cm).

How does it work?

Once you have subscribed to Talkamo tariff plan, you will immediately begin to enjoy the discounts on all the calls you make on net (Zain to Zain)
You will a message on your phone screen to tell you what discount you will get on your Zain to Zain call if you made it at a particular moment…
e.g. “Talkamo 50% OFF” means that if you made a “Zain to Zain” call now, you would get a 50% discount on that call.
Talkamo discounts are only applicable to “Zain to Zain” calls and not any other calls.
Calls made to other networks, international calls, data services, and any other services provided by Zain will be charged at the prevailing rates without any discounts applied.

How can the Customer Access it and from where?

Talkamo tariff plan is active and available to all Zain customers as long as they are subscribed to the tariff.
All Zain customers will be able to see the applicable “Talkamo” discount as long as they have got cell broadcast activated on their phone, but only customers that are subscribed to “Talkamo” tariff will be able to experience the discounts on the “Zain to Zain” calls that they make.
Talkamo tariff plan will be accessible y the customer at all times of the day.

“Talkamo” Charges


Benefits for the customer…

* Talkamo tariff plan simply means that the customer does not have to wait for “Off-Peak” hour to make that all-important call.
* Customers on “Talkamo” will be able to get discounts on calls throughout the day.
* Talkamo tariff will allow the customer to “TALK MO” for less.

“Talkamo” Terms and Conditions


Customers will subscribe to “Talkamo” tariff plan from any tariff plan that they are on currently.
Subscription to “Talkamo” tariff plan is chargeable at K400.
Customers can subscribe to Talkamo tariff plan by sending “TK” to 956 or simply dialing *956# and selecting option “1”, which is Talkamo.
Customers will unsubscribe from “Talkamo” tariff by moving to any other tariff plan offered by Zain and this movement will be FREE of charge (e.g. move to Gx, Cs,Cm,Fr,Fm)
Customers can unsubscribe or opt out of Talkamo tariff at any time after the first 30 days.
“Talkamo” tariff plan is only applicable on prepaid numbers and not postpaid.
Customers can only enjoy “Talkamo” discounts if they are subscribed to “Talkamo” tariff plan.
“Talkamo” discounts are applicable throughout the day with no peak or off peak hours.
The Talkamo discounts are dynamic and dependant on the network traffic at a point in time.
Customers will be able to see the discounts available and applicable on calls at any given time via “Cell Broadcast and this will be displayed on their phone screen*” (Refer to Zain customer service for assistance if Cell Broadcast is not active on your phone and you are not able to see the discounts)
“Talkamo” discounts are only applicable to on-net (Zain to Zain) voice calls. Not applicable to off-net calls and other products and value added services offered by Zain.
Talkamo rates are as follows:

1. All other terms and conditions are as per applicable Zain Standard Terms and Conditions.

Talkamo Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Talkamo?

1. Talkamo is the new tariff plan that Zain has introduced to its customers. It is a “Per second tariff”. It will give our customers discounts on the calls that they make in different locations on the network;

2. What is this “Talkamo X%Off” that am seeing on my phone screen?

1. That is called a cell broadcast message and what you are seeing right now is the discount that will apply to the call that you make if you are on Talkamo tariff plan;

3. What is cell broadcast?

1. Cell broadcast is the feature used on the network to send out the same message to all customers on the network at the same time. The message flashes on the handset screen.

4. Why is my friend seeing the %discount and am not seeing it?

1. You may not as yet have the cell broadcast feature activated on your handset. I shall assist to activate it; Kindly give me your handset type so that I guide you on how to activate;

2. If you already had cell broadcast active, kindly turn it off, switch your phone off and on and reactivate cell broadcast again;

5. How can I activate my phone to see the discounts?

1. Advise process of activation based on customer handset type.

6. How can I get onto Talkamo tariff?

1. You can send and SMS with the message “TK” to 956 or dial *956# and select the option “1” on the menu in order to subscribe to Talkamo.

2. Note that you will be charged K400 for moving onto Talkamo tariff plan.

3. You will receive an SMS to confirm that you are subscribed to Talkamo.

7. Does Talkamo affect my incoming calls?

1. Your incoming calls will continue coming though to your phone as usual even when you are on Talkamo.

2. You will not get any discounts for the calls that you receive.

8. Can I get a discount when I call someone on another network other than Zain?

1. No. The discounts are only applicable to “Zain to Zain” calls.

9. Where can I get the discounts on my calls?

1. You will be able to get discounts on your calls from anywhere on the network around the country.

10. What do I do to get off the Talkamo tariff?

1. You will need to unsubscribe from Talkamo tariff by simply subscribing to another tariff plan.

11. Can I move from my current tariff plan to the Talkamo tariff?

1. Yes you can move from any tariff plan you are on to Talkamo.

12. What is the charge for Talkamo tariff plan?

1. You will be charged K400 to subscribe to Talkamo.

13. How much is my call on this tariff?

1. If am on a call at 30% discount and the discount changes while am still on the call to a higher discount, will the charge on my call change?
1. The discount that will apply to your call will be the discount that you started the call on.

* What happens to my call if I start a call on one discount but continue on the same call into an area with another discount?

o Your call will be charged at the discount that you started the call with.

* What happens to my call charge if I start a call during one discount time zone but only finish it in another discount time zone?

o Your call will be charged similar to the way we charge for a call at the time that the customer is moving from Peak to off peak time.

* Do I get a discount if am calling a number I registered for FAF?

o There is no FAF discount on calls made to numbers that were previously registered for FAF. This is because Talkamo tariff does not consider those numbers.

* Can I use my Rewardz free minutes on Talkamo and get a discount?

o You can use your Rewardz free minutes even if you are on Talkamo but you will not get any discount.

* Can I get a discount on the talk time that I receive from buying an ULCH handset?

o Yes you can get discounts on Talk time that comes to you because you bought an ULCH handset.

* Can I subscribe to Talkamo even if am on Gx tariff plan? (Fm,Fr,CS,Cm)

o Yes you can subscribe

* I am seeing the discount on my post paid number; Does this mean I can get a discount too?

o You are seeing the discount because your cell broadcasy feature on your phone is active. But you cannot benefit from the discount unless you are on prepaid and you subscribe to Talkamo.

* Can I get a discount for calling to other networks if am on Talkamo tariff plan?

o No you cannot get a discount because Talkamo discounts only apply to “Zain to Zain calls”


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