Cell Broadcast for Public Safety

The Alcatel-Lucent Cell Broadcast solution based on the 5140 Broadcast Message Center (BMC) enables simultaneous delivery of emergency alerts and messages from government and public safety agencies to multiple mobile users in a specified geographic area.


What the Cell Broadcast solution does for your public safety operation

Supports delivery of alert messages to a large geographic area

For Command Center Personnel:

  • Better sharing of information with citizens equipped with mobile devices so that they can react to, and better protect themselves from a hazard.
  • Support for multiple mobile delivery technologies maximizes the potential number of citizens reached: Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Long Term Evolution (LTE) – The Alcatel-Lucent 5140 BMC is 4G LTE ready.
  • Supports standalone and geo-diverse deployments to match application reliability requirements and budget.

Enables delivery of alerts based on static (pre-populated) or dynamic (using circles and polygons) alerting zones

For Command Center Personnel:

  • Enables targeted sharing of information based on incident.
  • Simplifies operations with system translation of geo-target areas to network nodes or elements.

Complies with major standards

For CIO:

  • Supports for CDMA (IS41/IS824/IS637), GSM (3GPP 23.041), and UMTS (3GPP 25.419) maximizes broadcast reach.
  • 4G LTE ready and ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and CAP (Common Alerting Protocol) compliant.
  • Proven end-to-end solution certified in Alcatel-Lucent laboratories, and deployed references reduces implementation cost and risk.

How Alcatel-Lucent can help

A full range of professional services is available to complement agency resources and personnel skills. These include the services needed to design, integrate and deploy a solution, and to operate and maintain it.



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