Glo Flexi

Glo Flexi Glo Flexi is the premier prepaid dynamic tariff plan in Nigeria. It offers unprecedented discounts to subscribers anytime, anywhere in Nigeria. Customers can enjoy up to 99% discount on calls made, depending on the time of day and geographical location of the customer.


To register, dial *135*1# Dynamic Tariffing (DT) is a network-based product which provides Globacom the ability to significantly lower the cost of calls by offering varying discounts to our customers. Glo FLeXi as a dynamic tariffing package depends on the density of traffic on the network at any point in time. The system looks at the network usage behaviour and gives generous discounts thereby making it possible for subscribers to enjoy discounts ranging from 0% to 99% depending on the time of day and their geographical location. In other words, subscribers are guaranteed better network quality on the Glo network as the massive discounts offers ensure proper utilization of network resources.


Glo Flexi Customers enjoy discount on calls to ALL networks and can talk for as low as 1K/sec. Activation Steps Enable the cell broadcast feature on your phone to enable you receive information on the discount available at your current location at anytime. Dial USSD code *135*1# to register. You are now ready to make calls to loved ones and business associates on ALL networks at attractive discount rates displayed on your phone at the time of making the call.






For further steps on activating cell broadcast on more specific handsets, Click here. Subscribers are free to register or unregister from Glo Flexi at any time. Menu option Message 1 Register 2 Info 3 Tariffs 4 Service Info 5 Help 8 My Info 9 Deregister Code Function Actual message text 1 Register “Welcome to Glo Flexi. Dial *135*4# for information on how to set up your handset.” 2 Info “Flexi allows you to receive discounts on calls made to Glo customers. Discounts change by area and time of day.” 3 Tariffs “Your tariff is ?? K/second (?? K/second for F&F), with a minimum tariff of 1K/second. 4 Service Info “Cell Broadcast/Service Area Info (Channel 50), displays the discount on your handset. Turn this on by going to the Messages menu on your phone.” 5 Help “Dial 121 for customer care, this is a free call.” 8 My Info “Your tariff plan is: ???? Glo Flexi. Your number is: ???????????.” 9 De-registration “You are now on ???. Dial *135*1# to join Glo Flexi again.”




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