iOS7 NL-Alert Emergency Alert – One2many

iOS7 NL-Alert emergency alert lock screen


iOS7 NL-Alert emergency alert notification screen


iOS7 NL-Alert emergency alert popup message


iOS7 NL-Alert notification centre settings


5 thoughts on “iOS7 NL-Alert Emergency Alert – One2many

  1. Hi Ricardo, Are you sure that this is via cell broadcast? There is “No Service” displayed at the terminal screen, which means it doesn’t look like a cell broadcast message, for which you need a CBCCH to BSC/RNC to MS connection in place.


    1. Hi Jens. Sent me a mail with these pictures, I was also curious about the fact that no state service, but I think it is a test of one2many to show that the Cell Broadcast works on the Iphone. Li on Linkedin that is working well in the three carriers Netherlands.


      1. Hi Ricardo, I mean the pictures you posted above; it’s technical-wise a quite complex issue to display cell broadcast messages since in a lot of cases cell broadcast receipt at MS is closed – we’ve got several MNOs who spent a lot of money to license cell broadcast services and experience now very low service coverage even on channel 50 (Emergency), and there are differences among iOS versions as to cell broadcast receipt.


      2. Unfortunately the behavior of cell broadcast messages received via differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The behavior on a Samsung does not equal a Nokia for example. With Iphones happens the same, existing versions that support or give the Cell Broadcast.

        In Portugal only tmn meets the active cell broadcast transmitted on channel 50 information regarding the regional tmn. No operator backed the cell broadcast advertising or sending alerts.

        But I’m glad to see that in many countries the cell broadcast is being implemented not only for sending alerts and for other services that generate revenue for operators.

        In the UK will start with testing for sending alerts and sms cell broadcast 3rd October.


  2. We have a lot of tricks and tweaks deployed to remotely manage cell broadcast channels/receipt and have now more than 3500 devices in our terminal base, to which we can broadcast interactive cell broadcast messages to promote content services, send mobile advertisments, or emergency alerts in our projects; so, it’s doable. Nokia and Samsung are actually manufacturers which took care of cell broadcast technology, hardware/software-wise, whereas iPhone is a different case, especially iPhone 4. Note, that Russia has also deployed such an emergency alert system via cell broadcast channel. Check with me, if you like to learn more….


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