Population Alert

Our patented technology makes UMS the world’s leading supplier of population alert system which delivers alerts via SMS, voice and other means of communication.

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What is UMS Population Alert System or PAS?

When terrorism, major events, natural or man-made disasters occur, the population is extremely exposed and vulnerable. In such situations, sending notifications to the population and getting information from them is of utmost importance to prevent lives being lost. Through targeted and informative warning messages, people have the opportunity to take their own precautions and measures to protect themselves and their relatives before, during and after the emergency situations.

UMS Population Alert system is designed to alert and communicate with residents, visitors and businesses in the affected area. The solution is an integrated system which takes into account all aspects of practical uses.

UMS Population Alert is based on modern day telecommunication: alerts are sent via both fixed and mobile telephone networks that can reach all households, businesses and visitors in a given geographical area.

The solution divides the alerts into two main areas:

1. Address Based alerts: Identifies and alerts all fixed and mobile telephones linked to addresses in a given geographical area.

2. Location based alerts: Identifies and alerts all mobile phones, including those of visitors and foreigners, in a given geographical area.

PAS provides detailed information on the affected area, for example the number of people who are in the area and their nationality. Emergency response centers can estimate and manage their own personnel on the basis of this information.

PAS monitors the response from recipients and presents a technical status in real time.

PAS is scalable and can be used for critical and non-critical events in both rural and urban areas. The solution is dynamic and has a rich set of features that makes it possible to customize alerts for different types of situations.

PAS is a secure solution that provides the highest level of uptime and reliability with extended authorization mechanisms to prevent unauthorized use and access to the system. UMS also has a patented technology that prevents network overload, in both the cellular and fixed line networks.

PAS can also be shared between the various collaborators involved in an emergency situation.

Areas of use:

• Information / Notification to the whole or a part of population BEFORE a disaster
• Information / Notification to the whole or a part of population DURING a disaster
• Information / Notification to the whole all or a part of population AFTER a disaster
• Evacuation of the whole or a part of population

What makes UMS the best provider of warning and alert systems?

• Patented technology
• Expertise in location-based alerts
• Notification and information has been our prime focus since 1997
• Provides supplies to all industries
• Full range supplier
• Knowledge
• 24/7 support
• Quality
• Service
• Technology

Our mission is to ensure that the population and the necessary personnel are notified as soon as possible in emergency situations. We believe that early warnings can save lives.

UMS – Leading provider of warning systems.

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Fonte: http://www.umsalert.com/population-alert


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