Smart Zone – Airtel Ghana

Get smart; Get into the Airtel SMART ZONE

Airtel Smart Zone is a dynamic discount solution service that offers customers discounted tariffs up to 99% on-net calls depending on the time of the day, site utilization and location. Customers can enjoy unbelievably low call rates all day everyday so long as the customer remains on Airtel Smart Zone.

Get into Airtel Smart Zone today and enjoy the most affordable call rates in Ghana. You can call for as low as 0.5Gp.


Simply subscribe to Airtel Smart Zone by dialling *311#, or sending “sub” to 311.
There are two additional features that make Airtel Smart Zone even more exciting.

  1. Cell broadcasting – where consumers are able to see on the handsets the call cost per time per location. This service works on handset with Cell Broadcast feature only.
  2. Outbound call notification, where consumers can see on their handsets, when making calls how much they are being charged per minute for the call they are about to make

Get smart today and stay close to all your family and friends on Airtel now.



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