Sharpen the line of client communication

There really aren’t any limits to what mobile development can do for your business; this month Digitata’s Cell Broadcast Display application went live – a widget that would improve their communications to their customers.

Digitata found that certain Android operating systems behaved differently when receiving Cell Broadcast messages, for example Cell Broadcasts were being received as SMSs leading to fuller inboxes, the devices would beep every time one is received, the message would be displayed as a dialogue box that would need to be manually dismissed, and it would sometimes be too small or overwritten by the screen’s wallpaper making it hard to see.

Digitata needed a way to make these broadcasts consistent and solve these problems, so that their subscribers could continue receiving broadcasts in a more convenient way.

So they teamed up with Realmdigital to build a Cell Broadcast Display app for Android that displays the latest cell broadcast message in an easily read widget without sounding a notification. Their users have welcomed the app; ensuring that their subscribers won’t be disabling Cell Broadcasting messages any time soon!

mobile-development-cell.png cell-broadcasting.png



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