The CompuLert™ NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Platform extends the capability of American Signal Corporations’ industry leading mass notification platform and provides cellular based mass notification capabilities.  By implementing the 3GPP standards and as published by the governing organizations; the NEXGen Cell Broadcast Platform takes full advantage of the Commercial Mobile Alert System abilities. NEXGen™ Cellular Broadcast Platform leverages the mobile network service provider’s infrastructure, and the pervasive availability of end user cellular phone handsets, to deliver emergency information to targeted populations in a broadcast format.

There is no single method capable of providing 100% notification to the public in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.  American Signal Corporation recognizes that an emergency communications system that utilizes every available channel to reach the public provides the greatest opportunity to save lives during an emergency and assist during recovery efforts after.  CompuLert™ NEXGen™ is the only true multi-threat detection multi-channel mass notification system.

The CompuLert NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Platform is implemented via the CompuLert™ NEXGen™ Platform configurations and additional NEXGen™ software modules.  These software modules can be implemented independently on physical, or virtual, servers or collectively on a single physical, or virtual, server instance providing unparalleled scalability, availability, and fault tolerance.


CompuLet™ NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Platform components:


NEXGen™ Intelligent Alerting Server

  • The NEXGen™ Intelligent Alerting Server (IAS) is the mass notification systems server built to provide industry leading scalability and compatibility with diverse systems.  The NEXGen™ IAS provides an intuitive user interface for emergency personnel and managers to define target populations using polygon, and other map tools, over dynamic map sources as well as selection of predefined groups and even the ability to create dynamic groups that are not referenced geographically.  The NEXGen™ IAS also provides interfaces for communicating with numerous types of additional mass notification systems.
  • The NEXGen™ IAS has the ability to also interface with numerous threat detection devices such as flood and rain sensors, wind sensors, CAP feeds, chemical and radiation detection and more.  The NEXGen™ IAS is the only true multi-threat detection multi-channel mass notification server available.


NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Entity

  • The NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) interfaces with the Intelligent Alerting Server to receive data about the target population and the emergency message details.  The NEXGen™ CBE provides data a message formatting for transmission to the Cell Broadcast Center.  The NEXGen™ CBE and Intelligent Alerting Server are separate software modules.  This architecture is advantageous in that it allows the NEXGen™ IAS to operate independently of the CBE should the client desire to monitor of control other systems without creating an overly complex CBE implementation.

NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Center Server Interface

  • In addition to the NEXGen™ Core, the Cell Broadcast Center Interface Server module provides an interface to the NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Entity.  The NEXGen™ Cell Broadcast Center Interface Server manages transmission of the CMAS messages to the service providers over the appropriate 3GPP technical standards as indicated in the CMAS Database.  The modular architecture of the CompuLert™ NEXGen™ platform and the Cell Broadcast Center Interface Server provides scalability and simplifies the addition of new standards and technologies for the future.  As networks are upgraded and new technologies are developed and implemented, new communications modules are created and can be added to the system while the system is in operation through the OSGI/NEXGen™ management console.  The Cell Broadcast Center Interface Server receives the nightly updates from the service providers, validates the data, and updates the CMAS system database.


Fonte: http://www.americansignal.com/cellular-broadcast-platform/

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