Interactive CB – A1 Systems

Marketing Introduction

It’s no secret that mVAS has seen lackluster growth over the past two years‚ the popularity of traditional SMS services is fading‚ and the conventional ways being used to promote them are ineffective. It’s a worrisome state of affairs not only for operators and content providers struggling to keep to their annual budgets‚ but for the users of such services as well. When content providers stop rolling out interesting new services‚ users vote with their feet. When users get out of the habit of using mVAS services‚ it’s very difficult to bring them back by rolling out innovative services that they would have otherwise used. So how can we stimulate growth in the mVAS market?

Product Description

Smart Cell is a unique service that allows the operator to increase mVAS ARPU by $4.50 per year from each subscriber‚ while providing subscribers with a comfortable environment in which to receive operator-provided content and services. Smart Cell is a freestanding component of NaviSIM.

Based on ICBC technology‚ Smart Cell allows the MNO to display interactive messages on the mobile phone handset while it’s in standby mode. It’s a very efficient and non-intrusive way to not only promote traditional services (content distribution‚ subscription activation‚ USSD and IVR portals‚ WAP and WEB sites)‚ but also create new ones‚ while stimulating sales of operator-provided services (package plans of SMS messages‚ GPRS traffic‚ RBT‚ etc.). Our experience shows that ICBC promotes services 37% more effectively than traditional methods‚ and the ICBC storefront itself can bring in 6.7 times more revenue than STK.

A key difference between Smart Cell and existing ICBC solutions is that not only can the subscriber submit an order from an interactive message‚ but also switch to a dynamic interactive menu of unlimited nesting. The structure of the menu can be given in advance or be dynamically generated depending on what the caller does. This makes it possible to increase revenue from ICBC by at least 80% over traditional ICBC solutions.

MNO Benefits

Launching Smart Cell on the operator’s network requires:

  • No CAPEX on the equipment if you choose a hosted solution plan
  • No CAPEX on the software if you choose a revenue-sharing plan
  • No OPEX if A1 Systems fully aggregates the storefront
  • Increase in ARPU to $4.50 per year from each subscriber

Technical Requirements

LauncLaunching Smart Cell on the operator’s network requires:

  • Support of the BC at the base station controller using the ts 3gpp 3.41ts 3gpp 3.41 protocol
  • 2.1.1 and Release 5 SIM cards supporting OTA GSM 23.048 or 3.48
  • 8KB of available space on the card
  • A place to put the server rack if the solution is deployed at the operator’s end‚ or a VPN channel for remote connection of the platform