Aircel deploys TeleDNA’s VAS Infrastructure Product Suite

TeleDNA Communications, the leading VAS technology and infrastructure provider, today announced that Aircel, one of the fastest growing Pan-India telecom service provider, has selected TeleDNA’s VAS Infrastructure platform that includes SMSC (short Messaging Service Centre), MMSC (multimedia messaging service centre), CBC (Cell Broadcast Centre) LBA (Location Based Applications)
to increase current Aircel’s portfolio of VAS offerings to its mobile consumers.

Aircel selected TeleDNA because of its ability to offer high-performance, scalable VAS infrastructure solutions with its personalized Customer First support structure focused to support Aircel’s current and future business strategy and help its services stand out in an increasingly competitive Indian market.

The TeleDNA carrier grade SMSC platform would help optimize traffic flow and improve the overall messaging experience of Aircel subscribers. TeleDNA MMS Center (MMSC) delivers a rich multimedia messaging experience over Aircel’s network and will allow users to send more, content rich – and larger – multimedia messages. TeleDNA LBA-S (Location Based Application ) would help Aircel launch applications and services that includes, Information Services, Advertisements, Mobile Yellow Pages, City site seeing, Emergency Alert Services, Social Networking, Navigation and Tracking Services to name a few.
One of the most innovative and unique deployments by Aircel is the TeleDNA’s Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) that has emerged as a valuable tool for emergency warnings. TeleDNA Cell Broadcast Center (CBC) allows Telecom Operator to have a complete control over the cell broadcast message on its network. It is a carrier grade platform that interfaces with the mobile network elements such as BSCs, RNC and MSC over standard interfaces (3GPP or 3GPP2). With inbuilt GIS server, TeleDNA CBC allows system users to easily define a geographical area on the fly and broadcast messages.

“Defining and delivering compelling and innovative mobile user experiences has been our focus since inception, we are proud to partner with Aircel and look forward to support Aircel’s strong commitment to achieve profitable and sustainable growth as the company moves forward,” said Mr. Praveen Nallapothula, CEO, TeleDNA Communications Pvt Ltd.