IM3 Cell Broadcast

Aktifkan IM3 Cell Broadcast di Hape Kamu dan dapatkan info-info dari IM3!

Kita tentu telah terbiasa memakai telepon genggam untuk telepon, SMS,Chatting dan Internet.
Sekarang kita juga bisa menikmati Cell Broadcast yang merupakan salah satu fitur dari IM3.

Apa itu IM3 Cell Broadcast?
IM3 Cell Broadcast adalah teknologi yang memungkinkan pengiriman pesan langsung dari provider ke pengguna telepon selular. Jika pengguna telepon selular memasuki wilayah tertentu, ia akan langsung menerima pesan yang dikirim operator.

Lalu apa kegunaan IM3 Cell Broadcast?
Dengan mengaktifkan IM3 Cell Broadcast, maka kamu akan bisa mendapatkan berbagai informasi penting, misalnya info–info dari Indosat dan lokasi-lokasi dimana kamu berada. Sangat menguntungkan bukan?

Tampilan pada layar hape kamu seperti apa?
Cara Melakukan Pengaturan Telepon Selular Untuk mengkonfigurasi ponsel kamu agar dapat menerima pesan IM3 Cell Broadcast, kamu harus melakukan langkah-langkah sebagai berikut:

1. Aktifasi Layanan
Cek telepon selular kamu dan lihat pengaturan. Biasanya pengaturan ada di beberapa menu berikut (tergantung handset): cell broadcast, cell broad, broadcast, cell info, cell info display, CB, Broadcast configuration, Area Info, dan lain-lain
Handset Aktifasi

* Delivery Options -> Advanced Options -> Cell Broadcast Settings -> Cell Broadcasting Service -> ON
* Cell broadcast channel -> Check box -> Enable -> Save


* Menu -> Messages -> Setting -> Info Service ->Cell Broacast -> ON
* Language : All


* Menu -> Messages -> Broadcast -> Receive -> ON
* Topics -> Add -> 889 -> OK


* Menu -> Messaging -> Option-> Setting -> Cell Broadcast ->Reception -> ON
* Language : All


* Menu -> Messages -> Messages Setting -> Broadcast -> ON
* Receiving Channels : All Channel
* Language : All


* Menu -> Messages -> Cell Broadcast -> Change-> Topic List -> Select -> Add -> 899 -> Topic ID -> OK
* Info -> Name-> OK
* Topic Index -> Auto Display -> Change

Sony Ericsson

* Menu -> Messaging -> Setting -> Area Info -> Reception -> ON
* Menu -> Messaging -> Setting -> Area Info -> Cell Information
* Language: Any Language


* Menu -> Message -> Option -> Cell Broadcast -> Option -> Setting ->Reception -> On

2. Konfigurasi Saluran Komunikasi (Channel Name) = 50
Pengaturan berikutnya biasanya ada di beberapa menu berikut (tergantung handset). Namanya bisa list, list settings, list index atau channels. Masukkan nomor saluran 50 pada nama saluran/channel name.

Berikut Konfigurasinya:
Merk Tipe Konfigurasi
Nokia 1200, 3210, 5110 Menu

* Settings
– Display Settings
– Cell Info Display “ON”

* Settings
– Information Services
– Topics
– Add
– Topic number (50)
– Topic name (Discount)

E90 Menu

* Settings
– Phone
– Network
– Cell Info Display “ON”

* Messaging
– Options “Cell Broadcast”
– Topics
– Add
– Topic number (50)
– Topic name (Discount)

SE T35m, T65 Menu

* Messages
– Options
– Area info
-> Reception (On)
-> Edit list
-> New item
-> Channel number (50)

Samsung D600 Menu

* Messages
– Info services
– Reception (On)
– Options
– New channel
– Channel code (50)
– Channel title (Discount)

Indosat launches idle screen servcie i-HotNews

Rating: I HOT.. you news… baby

Cell broadcast idle screen provider Celltick is working with Indosat to create a new service called i-HotNews.

Basically the news service will be pushed to Indosat users via the idle screen – which means that users will be sent content passively and its up to them to interact with it. The aim of this is the keep the user active and involved with the mobile device, service, service provider and service offering a strong user experience. On top of all this the use of the idle screen can also drive WAP traffic.

From the press release

Guntur Siboro, Marketing Director of Indosat commented: “We are committed to provide our subscribers with the latest services and technology. i-HotNEWS is set to be a benchmark service offering the latest news, celebrity update and entertainment. We are extremely proud of the reach of our subscriber base and, with the continual innovation of our service, we are focused on boosting our position in the Indonesian market even further.”

“Helping subscribers discover content which excites them is a key issue for operators. By actively promoting relevant services, it is possible to guide them through the discovery process providing the opportunity to significantly improve ARPU,” commented Stephen Dunford, CEO Celltick. “Promotion over the idle-screen is more than just a tool for increasing content revenues. Brands looking to target subscribers, using the intimacy of the mobile phone are already harnessing this medium. When used effectively, sponsored and ad-funded content provide an additional revenue stream for operators, independent of subscriber spend.”

What we think

Indosat is Indonesia’s second mobile operator with over 16 million subscribers. This is another big win for Celltick. Celltick is doing very well outside of the UK and US. Why? Find out more next week in The Mobile Search Analyst.