SMS Broadcast MTC

SMS Broadcast Info Message is a corporate communication service that builds on the immediate reach and power of cell broadcast. This tool permits the transmission of promotional/advertising text messages to either all customers on the mtc touch network or to customers selected in geographical locations.

It is an instant communication medium that brings marketers into straight contact with several hundred thousand potential customers with minimum effort and cost. The messages appear directly on the handsets’ screens of the customers; hence triggering impulsive buying.

The benefits of SMS Broadcast are many:

* Wide SMS reach by geographic coverage which can cover all Lebanese grounds
* Service customization & flexibility in sending messages to specific areas as per the sender’s request
* Messges can be sent in Arabic

SMS messages can include up to 160 Latin characters including punctuation and spaces.

For more information on SMS Broadcast, contact our Corporate Sales team on +9613 792057 / +9613 792157 / +9613 792167