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MTN Zone

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MTN Zone

Y’ello and welcome to MTN Zone, a service that allows you to enjoy discounts up to 99% on MTN-to-MTN calls, all day and all night. With MTN Zone you are automatically moved to a different price plan upon subscription.

Follow the steps below to enjoy this service

To Activate MTN Zone
Type/Enter *135*1# and press Send / OK to activate the service on your phone.

To view discounts on your phone

Activate the Cell Broadcast set up on your phone. Cell Broadcast is a feature that enables you to view all MTN Zone discounts right on your phone.
To activate the Cell broadcast on your phone.
Type /Enter*135*4# and press Send / OK. After this, turn on the cell information display feature on your handset. Activation of the cell broadcast depends on the mobile handset.

To activate cell broadcast on Nokia

* Go to phone setting
* Activate the cell info display

To activate cell broadcast on Sony Ericsson

* Go to your settings in messages
* Select your Area info
* Activate your cell information

For more information Type / Enter *135*1# and press Send / OK or call 111.
It’s a great time to be on MTN, get in the zone now and enjoy amazing discounts!

MTN Zone Phone Setup

MTN Zone Phone Setup

Welcome to MTN Zone, MTN’s most rewarding price plan yet. By porting to MTN Zone, not only will you be able to speak to your friends and family more often, but you will benefit from fantastically discounted call rates.

MTN Zone offers you up to a 95% discount on MTN-to-MTN voice calls, depending on your location and the time of day. However, to take advantage of MTN Zone, you will need to have Cell Broadcast set up; this will allow MTN to notify you of the call discount applicable at that period.

To activate Cell Broadcast on your handset, please select the appropriate manufacturer and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.


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Sony Ericsson

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YEBO4LESS to rival MTN Zone

The battle between the cellular giants in South Africa continues. This past weekend, Vodacom launched YEBO4LESS which seems to rival MTN’s Zone offering but as with an competition, Vodacom have gone a step further than MTN. What YEBO4LESS and MTN Zone virtually do is; callers get discounted call rates depending on where they are making their call from with regards to the amount of ‘traffic’ in use on the network based on their location. So lets say I am in an area with very little network traffic, my phone call will cost a lot cheaper than if I were in an area such as the CBD where there is a lot of ‘traffic’ on the network.

MTN were the first to introduce this offer a couple of months ago and it has been highly successful for them with quite a number of subscribers opting for this offer. But when MTN launched this offering, the discount was only for MTN to MTN calls. Now Vodacom has come to the party and introduced a similar offering to MTN but now Vodacom have gone a step further and have also introduced a discount offering not only for Vodacom to Vodacom calls but also to calls from Vodacom to other networks in South Africa.

From the face of it, it looks like Vodacom’s offering is much better than what MTN were offering. It would not surprise me if MTN decide to also offer discounted calls from MTN to other networks in order for them to compete with Vodacom.

The cellular industry in South Africa is very competitive with the two giants, Vodacom and MTN aggressively competing against each other for subscribers. Cell C is not as a big force as these two, which is understandable considering the resources the big two have. Cell C came in with an offering about a year ago where they introduced the ‘talk for free’ offering where Cell C subscribers can call each other for free over the weekends. There was a lot of buzz about this at the time with many thinking that Vodacom and MTN would introduce something similar to their subscribers but that never happened. One then has to ask the question, “Why didn’t the big two introduce something similar to Cell C’s talk for free on weekends?” The most logical answer would be that such an offering was potentially loss leading and the big two saw no value of such an offering whereas Cell C are so desperate to increase their subscriber base that they may have been forced to offer a loss generating campaign in order to try increase subscribers.

For now we just have to wait and see what the introduction of Vodacom’s YEBO4LESS will do to the market. I am sure it will be well received as it is only available to prepaid customers and they are the ones who make up the bulk of Vodacom subscribers. In the current economic climate we are in in South Africa today, any form of savings and a discount will be greatly welcome by the consumer.


MTN South Africa today launched MTN Zone, a new innovative prepaid per second billing price plan that offers potential discounts of up to 95% on mobile phone calls for MTN prepaid subscribers making MTN to MTN calls. MTN Zone has a flat rate of R2.50 across all time periods. Discounts are driven by dynamic demand determined by the caller’s location and the time of day.

MTN Zone is a world first to be launched in a competitive market and bound to be followed locally and internationally in the quest for more affordable mobile communications. This innovation follows on MTN being the first cellular provider to introduce prepaid in South Africa.

In order to enjoy the benefits of MTN Zone, MTN prepaid customers need to migrate from their existing prepaid price plan to MTN Zone by following easy migration steps. This can be done by dialling 141 on their phone and selecting the MTN Zone option or simply by dialling *141*4*2#. Once migrated to MTN Zone, the customer needs to set up the cell broadcast function on their handset. Customers are then informed of the percentage discount applicable in a particular cell location as they move through it, based on the demand in that location at the time.

The discount remains constant for the duration of the call, even if the call cuts across the hour or moves between cells. Billing is done at per second rates and the customer remains in control of what they spend on their discounted calls. If a customer is unclear about their applicable discount, help is just a call away by dialing *135# or the 173 call centre at any time.

When calling landline numbers or subscribers from other networks, MTN customers will enjoy standard rates. The discount offered on the dynamic MTN Zone tariff compares very well against the standard rate of R2.50. MTN Zone breaks the rigid peak and off-peak tariff structures and provides customers with more convenience, choice and control over their cost of making calls.

“At MTN we regard our customers and their needs as the key reasons for doing business and therefore we aim to meet their needs. For some time now, South African customers have insisted on more affordable cell phone tariff options, as reflected by requests from Government, the media and customer forums. We believe that MTN Zone will meet and exceed these expectations, offering significant discounts based on the principle of supply and demand, especially for those who need it the most,” says Tim Lowry, Managing Director MTN SA & VP: MTN SEA Region.

“The MTN Zone uptake since the below the line launch on 1 December 2007 has far exceeded expectations and in just two months, more than 2 million customers have migrated to the MTN Zone price plan to take advantage of its benefits. MTN Zone offers customers more value for money and a better quality of service as they can now make discounted calls at any time of day and not only during off-peak times. This will allow our customers to stay connected to friends and family while being in control of their cost, by the second,” adds Lowry.

MTN Zone is yet another string to MTN’s bow of innovations that spear headed the local and continental market – GSM payphones, HSDPA data connectivity, Number4life, Access4Life, Me 2 U, call backs, bundled tariff packages, Email4Life, free daily SMSs to name but a few.

With the MTN Zone roll-out, MTN SA is also creating new jobs. More than 750 MTN Zoners are currently educating South African consumers on the benefits of MTN Zone in town ships countrywide. The initiative is expected to grow and MTN SA foresees 1,400 new jobs being created through MTN Zone by the end of the year.

MTN launches MTN zone

The MTN Zone service runs on the per second billing plan, gives its Pay As You Go subscribers the opportunity to enjoy up to 100% discount day and night on calls they make to other MTN Ghana subscribers.

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) Ghana, has announced the launch of a new Innovative service named MTN Zone.

The service, which runs on the per second billing plan, gives its Pay As You Go subscribers the opportunity to enjoy up to 100% discount day and night on calls they make to other MTN Ghana subscribers.

A statement issued in Accra said MTN Zone subscribers have a flat tariff on all MTN to MTN calls when they register and subsequently receive messages that display dynamic discounts they enjoy at any point in time.

“In order to enjoy the benefits of MTN Zone, existing and new MTN prepaid customers simply need to register for the service by entering *135*1# and pressing the send or ok button on their handset. Alternatively, they could send 1 to SMS short code 135,” the statement said.

It said registration onto MTN Zone service was currently free of charge.

The statement said subscribers also needed to enter *135*4# and press the send or ok key to activate the cell broadcast functionality on their handsets.

It said the cell broadcast feature when enabled, gave MTN customers the opportunity to see the dynamic percentage discount they would enjoy when they initiate a call at that time and the discount would be applicable throughout the duration of the call.

“This process is unique for each handset module,” the statement noted.

The statement urged customers who wanted further information on the service to call the MTN Customer Service toll free number 111.

The statement quoted Mr George Kojo Andah, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN Ghana as saying that “we are excited at what the team here at MTN Ghana has been able to provide after thorough research and development.”

He said this new service empowered MTN customers with more, choice and control over their cost of making calls, adding that the excitement the service had generated within one week was unparalleled in the industry in Ghana.

“As usual we will lead the market in innovation and others can follow”, Mr. Andah said.

Mr Andah said MTN regard its subscribers and their satisfaction as the key reasons for doing business and therefore the company kept on exciting subscribers with innovative products, services and value added packages.

He noted that MTN Zone was only one of the solutions MTN would be delivering to its subscribers in Ghana, saying that since last year MTN subscribers in Ghana were able to call other MTN subscribers within West and Central Africa at the local rate.

“Now we have made it even more exciting by enabling them to call the USA and Canada still at the local rate,” Mr Andah added.

Here are all the channels you can subscribe to (courtesy of Ginggs) on MTN

040: Weather
050: MTN Zone discount % (Supposed to be Area Info / Cell Info)
100: Cell Info with Y’ELLO BROADBAND (Recently moved from 050)
250: Cell Info without Y’ELLO BROADBAND
900: Tower Info
910: Antenna Info