Star-Cell World is the service which will help customer to be updated with current issues, latest happening, music updates, sports results, celebrity Gossip and many more….

The Service will offer the solution to the subscribers and customers needs, making sure the service is reachable even when the system failure occurred. The service will basically focus on content being provided, managing and analyzing so it could be effective.

The content will streamed onto the mobile without any effort on the users apart.

The service basically is active when your mobile is idle, it will turn your idle-screen into personalized billboard, bringing fresh, relevant and targeted content to millions of Star-Cell users and subscribers. The users will get lot of benefits and will love it too as it will carry all free information, entertainment and timely updates within no time and without any intrusion.

The contents

* New, Sport, lifestyle, game & many more

Multi player contest and polls

Real time updates

Location-sensitive information

You could use all the services with just a click away. News headlines, sport reports, weather updates, music stores, gossip or games which attract users to react and the service display dynamic fresh and engaging content on your mobile screen when-and only when the phone is not in use. You can choose you content or section on which you would like to browse, so it always relevant and matter of fact it always stream in your mobile screen when it’s idle and disappear when the phone is in use.
All you have to do to get receiving is, click twice to connect to any kind of relevant mobile service-bypassing all the limitations of messaging and browsing based mobile marketing.