ETWS (Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System) – Japan – (Cell Broadcast)

ETWS is a kind of public warning system (PWS) to notify all the UEs in a specific area of emergency situation like Earthquake or Tsunami.

Currently one of the best notification solutions is ETWS for mobile users who are receiving pop-up messages on their phones’ screens.

Unique vibration for CB messages, Text-to-speech support Android for CB messages and maximum speed of dissemination (all citizens in 4-9 seconds).

Simultenous reception, will people in disaster area receive the alert message on the same moment.

For Cell Broadcast messages a Government can set up different channels for different types of alerts and a citizen can determine to subscribe to receive these alerts.

The cell broadcast service is mainly used to notify the subscribers about the disasters in GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G.

Following radio channels are used for broadcasting:

CBCH: Cell Broadcast Channel in GSM.
CTCH: Common Traffic Channel in WCDMA.

In LTE, the subscribers are notified with system information messages:

1 – Paging : ETWS Indication.

2 – SIB 10 : Primary Notification.

3 – SIB 11 : Second Notification.


SIB Type 12

EU-Alert (Europe);
KPAS (South Korea);

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