Telefonica: LiveScreen Mobile Ads – Connected Life Experiences on the Move


Movistar, the mobile phone company from the Telefonica Group, needed to increase revenue from its value-added mobile data services. The company tested a mobile screen ad service. The service had a six-month trial in Mar del Plata, Argentina, involving approximately 5000 mobile subscribers. The trial results showed an impressive consumer uptake: 82 percent of users engaged with the new communication channel on the idle screen.


The mobile screen ad service is powered by Celltick, using the company’s LiveScreen Media platform. Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform allows virtually any media content to be displayed on an idle screen, including news, entertainment, and advertising. Celltick is the leading provider of innovative mobile marketing solutions for the idle screen. Led by its flagship offering LiveScreen® Media, Celltick mobilizes the power of the idle screen, handling over 40 million monthly transactions through agreements with 35 mobile operators worldwide.

• As an advertising window, an idle mobile screen offers a compelling advertising opportunity.

– Idle screen ads can be targeted by user preference and can offer “click-to-action” for immediate consumer-to-advertiser interaction.

– Content messages and advertising can be customized to individual preferences, helping ensure that subscribers receive only information that is relevant to them: for example, sports, entertainment, news, events, business, and lifestyle.

• The LiveScreen application was designed to broadcast meaningful and relevant content to mobile subscribers’ idle screens using cell broadcast technology.

• The Telefonica innovation team is particularly impressed with the platform’s ability to segment users based on location, handset type, and areas of interest, which are generated from tracking user response to idle screen messages.

Success Factors/Metrics/Monetization

Movistar’s idle screen mobile advertising channel was launched in May 2009. The basic channel is currently free to subscribers and includes opt-in information and advertising messages. Movistar provides only headline/teaser information as part of the basic package; if subscribers want to expand on the headline, they pay for that. Movistar generates revenue from the service through advertising fees, paid content downloads, and a variety of premium content subscriptions.
Company Background

Telefonica owns 98.2 percent of Telefonica de Argentina S.A. (a fixed line service company). Telefonica owns 100 percent of Telefonica Moviles Argentina (a mobile service company). Telefonica, Argentina, has 4.6 million fixed telephony subscribers, 1.3 million Internet and data subscribers, and 15 million mobile subscribers.


Telefonica Launches Idle Screen Marketing Solution Operated By Celltick

The Telefonica mobile operators group has launched an innovative idle screen marketing solution powered by Celltick’s LiveScreen Media platform. The service was tested by Movistar, the Mobile Phone Company from the Telefonica Group.

LiveScreen Media broadcasts news, sports, business, entertainment and lifestyle teasers and advertising messages. Since the broadcast is made directly to the mobile idle-screens, a synchronized, interactive network of personal billboards is created.

The service generates revenue from content downloads, subscription services and advertising fees. The solution addresses the key challenges of the mobile marketing ecosystem by cost-effectively monetizing the idle screen via streamlined distribution of personalized teasers.

The innovative mobile marketing platform was tested as part of a six-month trial in Mar del Plata, Argentina which involved around 5,000 customers. The results indicate high consumer uptake with almost 82 percent of users engaged with the new communication channel on the idle screen.

The LiveScreen Media platform is able to segment users based on location, handset type and areas of interest which are generated from tracking user response to idle screen messages. Advertisers are provided with an excellent opportunity since the platform provides segmentation based on age, sex, area of residence and content of interest along with the interactivity feature, says Marcelo Mitroga, Content and Mobile Marketing Manager from Movistar Argentina. The segmentation feature was earlier unavailable in traditional media.

According to Stephen Dunford, CEO of Celltick, the company believes that effective mobile marketing begins on the idle screen. The flagship product of Celltick, LiveScreen Media, allows content providers and advertisers to broadcast targeted content and marketing messages to mobile idle screens. This turns the screens into a network of interactive billboards, which in turn creates a strong revenue stream for operators.

Live Screen Media raises monthly ARPU from value-added services (VAS) by up to 30 percent and drives usage of data services by 20 percent. It also helps to build customer loyalty and reduces churn via personalized teasers.

The Live Screen Media platform facilitates low-cost message delivery by utilizing the non-commercial, cell broadcast channel and also creates a unique communications channel for in-house promotions and information updates.