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Telkomsel Pop Screen

Pop Screen is an interactive cell broadcast system use solely for marketing promotion in a non-intrusive way and it’s an exclusive by product of Telkomsel Mobile Advertising. Pop Screen itself is a light weight application (~5kb) that has been injected into all Telkomsel RUIM/SIM card post May 2009 and since March 2010 has a total accumulative subscribers of 35million.

Telkomsel Pop Screen requires no-keywords, no-shortcode (premium or otherwise) and no-url are needed to access any contents or advertisements contain therein. Basically Pop Screen is very easy to use and setup.

Telkomsel Pop Screen provides marketers up to 5(five) interactive menus that are fully customizable to include any of the following:

1. Click-to-Call (useful for those with customer service center)
2. Click-to-SMS (have your audience receive or send SMS to friends)
3. Click-to-WAP (improve your WAP site impressions if needed)
4. Click-to-Download (multimedia content download and more)
5. Click-to-Activate (activate RBT subscription for example)
6. Click-to-Trivia (ask your audience to participate in games, quizzes, etc.)
7. Click-to-Video (choose of either video streaming or video call)
8. Click-to-MMS (coming soon…)

The average CTR (Click Through Rate) of Telkomsel Pop Screen? 4.2% from total broadcast, better value and most of all improve sales leads.

Bottom line: Aktifmob Pop Screen allows you to conduct non-intrusive and personal mass broadcast multi-channels mobile campaign through specified time directly to more than 26million Telkomsel susbcribers.