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Mobile Handset Settings for Information Services

Cell Broadcast System

SMS Cell Broadcast is designed for simultaneous delivery of messages to multiple users in a specified area. Whereas the Short Message Service (SMS) is a one-to-one and one-to-a-few service, Cell Broadcast is one-to-many geographically focused service. It enables messages to be communicated to multiple mobile phone customers who are located within a given part of its network coverage area at the time the message is broadcast.

FAQ for Cell Broadcast

Q: How can I send a Cell Broadcast message?
A: This is not possible. Only an operator/content provider can send messages.

Q: Will Cell Broadcast expose my position to the operator or content provider?
A: No. Since Cell Broadcast does not address individual mobile phones, it does not need to know your position.

Q: Do I have Cell Broadcast on my mobile phone?
A: Probably Yes. Most modern Cell Broadcast GSM phones support Cell Broadcast. The name could be different i.e. Local info, cell info are also used as names for Cell Broadcast on mobile phones.

Q: How do I activate Cell Broadcast on my mobile phone?
A: Please check your mobile phone manual, or visit the webpage of your mobilephone manufaturer.
Below we have given some handset settings for the Cell Broadcast.

Q: What kind of information can I get by activating Cell Broadcast and which operator does support Cell Broadcast.
A: Please contact your operator for more information, or visit the operator’s website.

Q: I would like to receive only messages with are of interest to me.
A: As a mobile phone user you can yourself decide which Cell Broadcast channels to activate. Presently
channel 99 is used by BSNL Calcutta Telephones for Cell Broadcast Information System.

Q: Is Cell Broadcast also available in the new 3G networks?
A: Yes, the service is called Service Area Broadcast (SAB) in 3G and delivers the same functionality with enhanced capacity on the air-interface.

Q: Can I receive Cell Broadcast messages from my home country in a different country?
A: No. Cell Broadcast provides location speicific messages, and are limited to the network of the operator you are connected to.

Q: What is the length of a Cell Broadcast message?
A: One Cell Broadcast message contains up to 15 pages of 93 characters each.

Mais Info: http://www.calcuttat…s_handset.shtml


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